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Head of Iran-Turkey Joint Chamber of Commerce Mehrdad Saadat Dehghan told “Iran’s relation with Turkey is strategic and important and the country should not damage it with hasty actions over the closure of Turkey’s border.”

Speaking to ILNA about the latest development about the closure of the border by Turkey, Saadat Dehghan said that borders with Turkey are still closed and nothing has changed, adding that after talks with some related ministries in the country, they were urged to lift the pressure from the chamber’s shoulder. He urged them to resolve the problem which has put the exporters and producers in limbo and they do not know about the future of their trades.

Saadat Dehghan added that officials of both countries are to have a video-conference talk on Monday to find a solution to resolve the problem.

He added that representatives of all organization's bodies who are involved in the trade will participate in this video-conference.

Reacting to the letter written by Head of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce to the Road and Urban Development Minister, he warned about any hasty action, reiterating that Iran’s relation with Turkey is strategic and important and hasty actions should not damage it and one should not forget Turkish businessmen and government’s support and help during the sanctions era.

Saadat Dehghan reiterated that the problem is just inland border and both countries have no problem in rail transit of goods.

He said some 300 Iranian trucks have been stranded in the Turkish borders which are to transport their cargos to this country and they carry agro products like date, watermelon, and dried fruits which may decay.

He further added that 160 Iranian trucks are also stranded in Turkey and they are unable to return to the country.


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