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“Iran-China relations are improving, predicting a “Good Future” for bilateral relation after coronavirus outbreaks,” Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce Majid Reza Hariri told ILNA.

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, the Iranian official said “Recent events have brought the people of two countries close together and I think new conditions will improve the relations between the two countries in the future.”

The outbreak of coronavirus will have no effect on the trade relations between Tehran and Beijing, according to Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce.

Referring to the economic conditions of Iran in New Year, Majid Reza Hariri added that the Iranian economy was not expected to have a “Good Luck” in the New Year, even before the coronavirus outbreaks, our economic conditions were not right.

The economic activist pointed to the Saudi-Russian oil war and confirmed “The economic and political history of the century must be divided into two parts before and after the coronavirus epidemic,” adding that coronavirus is shaking up the world economy and perhaps these changes will push Iran out of the impasse.

He added that many countries are now pressing the United States to ease its illegal and unilateral sanctions on the country to help it fight the virus.

“Iran could use the outbreak of coronavirus to make a stronger case against the US sanctions especially at a time when global markets have already crashed as a result of the pandemic,” Hariri said.

An Iranian health official says the raw materials of a new antiviral drug used in China will be imported in the coming days to be manufactured domestically.

Ali Razazan, who is in charge of the distribution of corona drugs at Iran’s Food and Drug Administration, said that the raw materials have arrived in the country and are currently in the customs process. He added that medicine can be mass-produced in the country within two days.


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