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According to statistics, air pollution has caused some $2.6 billion worth of damages to Tehran during the current Iranian year (began March 21,2019), a member of Iran's Association of Used Cars Recycling Yadollah Mortazavi told ILNA.

"Considering critical situation with air pollution in the country, we've suggested a plan for removing old vehicles from the streets," Mortazavi said.

He added that the plan was submitted to the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development of Iran for consideration.

"If the current situation continues, the number of old vehicles will reach 8 million by 2025, and that would be an environmental threat to citizens," he said.

Mortazavi said that by local law, for every four new cars, one old vehicle should be scrapped, but the automakers have lobbied to have this law abandoned.

"So, we're witnessing air pollution all over cities due to lack of proper action," he said.

"Air pollution has spread to suburbs and farms," he said, adding that main elements that cause air pollution include heavy vehicles, as well as motorbikes, and also factories.


Air pollution environmental threat
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