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On the occasion of adoption of the Labor law in Iran, a group of Iranian workers gathered in front of Workers' House building in different provinces.

The Head of the Workers Union Hassan Sadeghi pointed that our members do not follow the path of excitement and agitation.

He added "The labor law has not yet been fully implemented, because of Iranian economic system is not a system to overturn it."

"Unfortunately, the economic system of the country does not pay much attention to the interests of the workers and regularly criticizes the labor law," Sadeghi confirmed.

The secretary of Iran's Workers' House Alireza Mahjoub also said "Today, various disasters threaten worker's life such as retirees, unemployed but one of them is privatization."

He warned all officials to stay away themselves from privatization and said "Iranian workers have been deprived of all their rights recognized in labor law, because of the privatization."

"For example, Workers do not receive their wages, they were not allowed to form a union, and they were told when they were protesting: Why are you doing this!"

The secretary of Iran's Workers' House confirmed that we are not opposed to the private sector, but we are opposed to the privatization process.

"We are now saying that anyone who can invest and set up a production unit should be supported," Mahjoub added.

At the end of gathering, the resolution was read by the Head of the Workers Union.


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