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In the next 11 years, employment in Iran will decrease by 47 percent, followed by an unemployment crisis, said Alovsat Hashimi, chairman of Iran’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization.

Hashimi noted that training and education in Iran should be in line with future needs, adding that gaining skills in all areas is a must.

 “Iran’s Technical and Vocational Training Organization intends to sign a contract with the Education Ministry,” the chairman added. “So, no student should be able to complete secondary education without obtaining a technical skills certificate.”

Hashimi said that the organization is ready to set up technical centers in universities.

The chairman of the organization noted that Iran’s current employment market can give jobs only to 25 percent of university graduates.

Hashimi said the study of technical skills guarantees employment. “Therefore, resources should be used in the best possible way,” the chairman added.


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