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Not long ago, having big, fleshy noses topped with a bump was considered a Persian trait. Up until the 1950s, no one seemed to bother about their most prominent facial feature. Even Iranian kings would wear a smile of pride while posing to take a portrait that accentuated their noses. It wasn't until the early 70's when the Iranian cohort started obsessing over the delicate facial features of westerners and gravitated to nose reshaping surgery.

A rhinoplasty, commonly called a nose job, seemed like an excellent choice to a population that was being heavily influenced by the western media and the beauty ideals it tried to replicate. Today, Iranian surgeons perform more than 200,000 nose jobs a year. A number that is four times the rate in the USA.


The byproducts of Iranians' obsession over the perfect nose

The high demand for getting a rhinoplasty in Iran has led to some undisputable outcomes. Walking down the streets of Tehran, you can almost always come across male and female individuals whose nasal bridge is wrapped in a bandage. Getting a rhinoplasty has become a rite of passage for many Iranian women and even men. To the extent that some teenagers choose to go under the knife as soon as their 18th birthday hits.


The abundant number of rhinoplasty patients has contributed to a major upshot. One that clarifies why Iranian surgeons are renowned for providing satisfactory results for almost every patient seeking a nose job. This proficiency derives from the fact that Iranian surgeons perform as many as five nose job procedures a day, further expanding their experience in the area. Knowing that no two noses are entirely identical, they learned to utilize a technique tailored for each patient's needs.

Moreover, In the early 2000s, Iran earned the title "nose job capital of the world". The title brought many speculations over the rationale behind the trend. Nevertheless, it remained as one of the many characteristics Iran is known for.

Nose job in Iran entices patients from overseas

Expectedly, the outstanding performance of Iranian surgeons in conjunction with the low cost of a nose job in Iran became well-known on a global scale. People across Iran's borders started reaching out to Iranian doctors to get a nose job in Iran. When considering why Iran became the hub of rhinoplasty, several factors come to play:

1-Rhinoplasty cost in Iran

First and foremost, many seek nose job surgery in Iran because the country is an inexpensive destination. As of 2019, the average cost of nose job surgery in Iran in addition to its added fees might amount to $2500. Even the cost of revision rhinoplasty in Iran (an expensive type of rhinoplasty) will fall somewhere between $3000 and $4000. The low price of nose jobs in Iran, however, should not reflect on the low quality of healthcare in the country. Rather, it is due to the extreme depreciation of Iranian Rial against dollar and other foreign currencies; a phenomenon that has made Iran an exceptionally cheap destination for health tourists.

2-Excellent healthcare services in Iran

Nose job in Iran is not only exceptionally affordable but also on par with some of the most developed countries in the world in terms of quality. The Iranian surgeons are world-famous for their devotion, expertise, and vast experience. They are familiar with noses of various ethnicities and do their best to fulfill each patient's expectations respectively. Iranian ENT surgeons have acquired their fellowship and board certifications in some of the most prominent universities of Iran, Europe, or the US. Furthermore, the medical centers established by these specialists follow the same standards seen in pioneering countries. As a result, the affordable cost of rhinoplasty will not by any means compromise on the level of patients' satisfaction.

3-The undeniable role of medical tourism facilitators

Medical tourism is a term referred to traveling to another country to seek treatment or surgical operation for cosmetic or medical reasons. Traveling abroad to undergo a complex surgical operation such as a nose job has its share of risks. Medical tourism companies in Iran help streamline the process by offering a multitude of services to International patients. Such services include but are not limited to:

  • Pre-operative medical consultation
  • Trip planning
  • Visa arrangement
  • Insurance
  • Accommodation
  • Healthcare assistant
  • 24/7 interpreter
  • Insurance


The leading medical tourism service provider in Iran is AriaMedTour. The agency works hand in hand with its handpicked specialists and medical centers, arranging the pre-op tests, medical appointments, and trip planning. Additionally, a team of healthcare professionals will be in charge of the follow-up care needed after the nose job surgery from explaining the dos and don’ts after rhinoplasty to planning follow-up doctor appointments should complications arise.

The future of rhinoplasty in Iran

Nose job surgery in Iran has seen rapid growth in the past decade. Although a high percentage of the candidates are Iranian, the number of cross-border patients is rising at a fast pace. Only in the first four months of this Iranian year, the number of incoming patients increased by 20%, outnumbering last year's figures.

Moreover, the rivalry between Iranian surgeons has resulted in advancements both in their techniques and the equipment they use. To provide satisfactory results for individual patients of various diversities, each Iranian nose surgeon has developed unique surgical methods. Most remarkably, Iranian surgeons attach importance to their patients' expectations in terms of their aesthetic and medical needs. This mindset makes for a one-of-a-kind rhinoplasty result that is in harmony with the other facial features of each individual.


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