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Syrian Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resource Ali Suleiman Ghanem said I traveled to Iran to develop cooperation between Iran and Syria in the fields of energy and mining.

Speaking to ILNA news agency reporter, he said “Our main goal was to contact with Iranian private sector and invite them to participate in Syrian oil and gas projects.”

He pointed to his meeting with the finance ministers and said that Syria tends to cooperate with countries that have been with the Syrian government and nation in the last bitter days; they are our friends and at the top of this list is our Iranian friend.

“Syrian government considers Iran’s private sector as chief partner in all its reconstruction projects, and maintaining production units as well as performing economic projects.”

Asked about what incentives the Syrian government has for Iranian oil and gas companies, Syrian oil minister said “The plans considered by the Syrian government for Iranian companies are very attractive,” adding that we are also drafting a new investment law that provides attractive incentives for foreign investors.

“One of my concerns in Iran was the commitment of both parties to previous and current contracts, so two sides must commit themselves to fulfill their obligations.”

He pointed that Syrian oil industry was among the first victims of the war and added “but Syrian experts in all oil and non-oil sectors to revive their country with the help of Iranian experts.”


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