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Director of agency & group sales, Irish Travel Partners Ltd Irwin Gill in an interview with ILNA said that the Embassy of Iran in Dublin asked us to form a group to introduce Iran's tourist attractions.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, he added that In Ireland, we have about 300 tourism agencies; so in this project the agencies should be active that are interested in Iran and its attractions and my job is to bring these groups together.

"Irish do not pay attention to US sanctions for traveling to Iran."

He said Irish are not well aware of Iran's tourist attractions, so we have planned for over six months for the operators to come to Iran and see your country closely.

"In Ireland, most of news about Iran is negative, so the Irish need to travel to Iran to see the positive aspects as well," Gill added.

"Most of Irish tourists are attracted to the monuments and culture of Iran."

He also said about Iran that my personal opinion is that Iran is excellent. Excellent, excellent and excellent. Our trip to Iran was very good and we will broadcast the good news about Iran.


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