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A plan to privatize Iran's small ports will be implemented in the upcoming months as the government seeks to spur more shipping activity to offset the impacts of the US sanctions on trade.

Deputy director of the Ports and Maritime Organization of Iran (PMOI) Mohammad Ali Hassanzadeh said on Sunday that transfer of ownership of small ports north and south of the country would begin once a current study phase to evaluate economic and infrastructure capacities of the ports is concluded.

“We have 48 small ports in Iran and assigning them to the private sector would begin in two months time,” said Hassanzadeh.

He added that most of the ports are located south of Iran on the Persian Gulf and on the Sea of Oman.

According to the Public Relations Department of the Iranian Ports and Maritime Organization, the PMOI is preparing tenders for the sale of the small ports to the private owners.


Iran's small ports Maritime Organization of Iran
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