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Investment licenses worth $2 billion have been issued in Iran during three months (March 21 - June 21) of this Iranian year (started on March 21, 2019), Chairman of the Iranian and Foreign Joint Venture Investments Association Hossein Salimi said.

Although the licenses were issued, the exact amount of the investments to be made in Iran was not disclosed, Salimi added.

"Taking into account the problems with money transfer, I am not fully optimistic about making these investments," he said.

Salimi expressed confidence that the investments will be made in solar panel installation.

"The investments worth $50 million or $100 million will be made," he added.

"The investors received the licenses by submitting the investment applications. However, they are looking forward to reaching conclusions by examining Iran's situation in terms of the sanctions," he noted.

Speaking about the results of investors' investment applications, Salimi said they are expected to be announced by September 21 because the license period is six months.

The US imposed sanctions on Iran in November 2018 and expanded the list of sanctions in several stages. As a result of these sanctions, Iran has problems with the transfer of money with other countries.


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