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Trade between Iran and EU member states during the first half of 2019 stood at €2.56 billion to register a 76.01% plunge compared with last year’s corresponding period.

Germany, Italy and the Netherlands were Iran’s top three trading partners in the European bloc with bilateral exchanges standing at €777.32 million, €451.63 million and €260.82 million respectively.

Iran’s trade with Latvia (€1.63 million), Germany (€777.32 million) and Romania (77.18 million) increased by 475%, 278% and 177% respectively year-on-year, which were the highest among EU states.

Trade with Malta (€147,233), Slovakia (€2.36 million), Greece (€21.63 million), Portugal (€6.14 million) and Finland (€16.32 million) saw the sharpest declines of 99.96%, 99.04%, 97.79%, 96.85% and 96.45% respectively.


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