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As one of the world's palm producers, Iran has always been able to meet the needs of various countries in the field of dates by producing different odds.

As one of the world's palm producers, Iran has always been able to meet the needs of various countries in the field of dates by producing different odds. But Iran is not alone in the market of dates, and other manufacturers of dates including Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. Are also active in this market.

A significant point in this area is the diversity of dates in the world.

There are more than 3000 types of dates in the world. In Iran, there are between 300 and 400 types of dates, of which the number of Iranian countries has a variety of consumption between 10 to 30 dates.

The uniqueness of the produced people in Iran has been able to have a great contribution to the sale of Iranian dates in the world markets, since Iran's produced countries cannot meet any of the date-generating states.

Among these, two dates have a special place in global markets, in fact, different countries also pay special attention to this.

These two dates include dates of mazafati and piarom dates.

Mazafati Dates

These dates are the most widely used Iranian dates in the country, as well as a large proportion of exports to these dates.

In fact, Mazafati Dates with its own taste have been able to satisfy different tastes.

The dates that BAM city's product are easily sold in global markets.

It is also interesting to know that dates are other names, and those names are: Kimia Dates , Black Dates , Rotab , Bam Dates.

Mazafati can be considered as the most important Iranian dates.

Piarom Dates

Piarom Dates  are the most expensive dates in Iran, as well as the date in the world markets is a high price.

They know the most luxurious Iranian dates, and these dates are mostly exported because the price of these dates is high in comparison to other dates in the country.

Piarom Dates are placed in the category of semi-arid, and the meat and skin of these dates are easily separated and do not require a refrigerator to hold short intake.

This date is the product of Haji Abad city in Hormozgan province and the best and exporter in the city is only cultivated.

iranian dates

In the world, we also know these dates with the names of Meras and chocolate.

Do not forget that European countries are mostly the buyer of these dates.

It is also interesting to know that one of the most expensive reasons for these dates is that, these dates are not cultivated in a large scale and are limited to cultivated in the Hormozgan region.

Date Export Status

Exports of dates in recent years has been associated with acceptable growth. Iranian dates have been able to enter into new countries in the past few years and attract the attention of their tastes.

Dates are one of the fruits that, due to a large diversity, if not entered into different countries, may change the taste of the people and go towards the consumption of the production of other countries and as a result, the sale of Iranian dates in the world is compromised.

Despite the various sanctions and conditions in the market, the other countries are difficult to trade with Iran, and many different merchants have difficulty in transferring money to Iran. The same issues affect the sale of Iranian dates. Perhaps, if Iran was able to sell them freely in the global markets without problems of the date, the result was a multiplier of the current income.

A few years ago, our country in the field of packaging was very poor, in the way that they were to export Iran's trauma in bulk to the outside, and that it would be a name of Iran's dates, as well as Iranian companies, to be able to raise themselves in the world Follow.

Introducing a successful company in the field of date exports

In the field of export and supply dates, crystal companies can easily supply various types of dates in different packaging with high tonnage.

Also, Crystal Corporation is familiar with all business and trade laws of different countries.

Business experts crystal companies are always researching and reviewing different markets, to export and introduce Iranian dates.

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