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The deputy Chairman of Iran's Saffron National Council criticized the fact that some Iranian businessmen have to sell the country's saffron packaged as under the name of Afghanistan.

"Usually, due to the decline in supply of saffron in last days of every Iranian year (ends on March 21), from mid-April, we experience an increase of approximately 5-10 percent in the price of saffron," Gholamreza Miri said about the reason for increasing of the saffron price in Iran.

"The cultivation and supply of saffron in the country is growing every year, and according to the latest statistics, there are approximately 124,000 hectares are under saffron cultivation in all parts of the country," he said.

"We unfortunately handed our saffron market and customers to Afghanistan on a silver platter," said Miri, talking about the increasing activity of Afghanistan regarding sales of saffron.

"Every year, we had 7 to 8 units at the Dubai Gulfood Exhibition, and since then it dropped to one unit, while Afghanistan has 8 units there."

"Indeed, Afghanistan's business is rising in this market because we have limited customer service," he said. "We have export restrictions to India, the United States and Saudi Arabia, but they can easily use these markets."

"Even our businessmen have to sell our own saffron packaged as one from Afghanistan," he said.


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