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Iran's Oil Minister Bijan Zangeneh has issued a statement calling on subsidiary oil companies to continue helping flood hit-people and stay alert.

"Remaining on alert is necessary," he said. "The flood-hit citizens require the help of staff and equipment of the oil industry and cooperation with the crisis management groups, to help and provide needed services," said Zangeneh's statement.

Also in his statement, Zangeneh said that the work of National Iranian South Oil Company and the National Iranian Drilling Company in water pumping in some flood-hit regions and efforts of National Iranian Gas Company in preserving gas distribution to Golestan province, fuel distribution by National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company in other flood-hit regions deserve admiration and its necessary to continue these efforts intensively.

"Since Khuzestan Province is the heart of Iran's oil industry, it is in serious danger of flood and any damages would hurt the industry," said the minister.

"It is necessary that all companies, especially Petroleum Engineering and Development Company and National Iranian South Oil Company continue their duties and help people with all the facilities to control flood," he said.

The official also insisted in his statement that all the staff of the oil industry express condolences and compassion to the flood-hit citizens.


Iran's oil minister flood-hit areas
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