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There are some great deals available from some US cities to Tehran, Iran, right now. If you've been thinking about traveling to Iran this year, these are probably the best prices you're going to see.

Iran doesn't make the top of the list for many people's vacation destinations, but it truly is a beautiful and fascinating country full of some of the friendliest people I have ever met. Even though the country gets a bad rap in Western media, you'll find yourself feeling safe and welcome as a tourist, and you'll see some incredible sights like Shiraz's pink mosque and Persepolis.

The flights are operated by award-winning Qatar Airways. Typical prices for these flights would normally be around $1,200.

If you'll be traveling on a US passport, Iran not only requires you to get a visa before your visit, but also requires you to travel on a pre-arranged tour with an approved tour operator — this requirement also holds for anyone traveling on a UK or Canadian passport. Getting a visa can be a bit of a process, but in general, if you allow yourself enough time you shouldn't run into any problems.

Many other nationalities are offered a visa on arrival into Tehran International Airport.

To get the best prices, click the link below to visit the online travel-booking site Momondo. Then, enter your nearest major airport and adjust the dates as needed to find the right prices, and click the link to book through the portal showing the best price. Just keep playing with dates until you see something you want to book. Make sure to read our explainer on Momondo.


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