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The Former Deputy Chief of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization believes that if the United States is again pushing for an increase in international pressure on Iran in the airline industry, Iranian air carriers will have to meet their needs by utilizing all available market capacities.

"In the years after signing Iran deal, our airline companies were able to make direct contact with the international markets and several contracts for the purchase of the aircraft were concluded," the former Deputy Chief of Iran's Civil Aviation Organization Alireza Manzari told.

While large aircraft manufacturers such as Boeing and Airbus are not able to directly sell us our planes, Iranian companies should check all available options on the market and take action to meet the needs of the Iranian fleet and buy new aircraft, he said.

"We faced a huge international pressure on Iran in the past years, and we were able to import a number of second-hand aircrafts, many of which had good quality and are still in use. Therefore, our companies have an experience, and in the current situation, it is possible to continue to buy second-hand aircraft," Manzari noted.

He said that if it is not possible to obtain Western aircraft at the current time, it is likely that the aircraft will be delivered through Eastern countries.


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