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The governor general of Hormozgan said all the Chinese ships and their crew fishing in the Iranian southern province’s waters are hired by the government and are working for Iran.

"Iranian vessels do not have the technology to fish at a depth of 200 meters in the Persian Gulf waters," Fereydoon Hemmati said on Thursday.

He added Iranian fishermen therefore have rented Chinese ships or purchased them on installment plans.

Iranians are owners of the Chinese vessels, the governor general stressed, adding list of their names will be released soon.

The remarks came after a member of the Supreme Council of Provinces in Iran said recently that overfishing by Chinese ships in waters off the southern Iranian coasts in the Persian Gulf has put seafood resources at risk there.

"Excessive fishing by huge and industrial Chinese ships (in the Persian Gulf) is endangering species of aquatic animals," Kianoush Jahanbakhsh said on August 10.

"What I say is what Iranian fishermen, locals and eyewitnesses (in Hormozgan province) say".

He noted that this has affected local fishermen’s livelihoods.


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