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Georgian Ambassador to Tehran Ioseb Chakhvashvili said Tbilisi is willing to increase its economic cooperation with Iran and looks forward to win-win trade with the Islamic Republic.

"Given the existing potential between the two countries, we are seeking win-win cooperation with Iran," Chakhvashvili said during a meeting in Tehran on August 11.

He added that Iranian investors could set up workshops and industrial plants in Georgia and use the country as a gateway to the European market.

According to Trend news, highlighting the importance of enhanced ties between the two nations, he said, "Iran and Georgia should think of major investment if they want to further boost their economic ties."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Chakhvashvili referred to the number of Iranian tourists arriving from Iran and Georgia and said, "Last year 350,000 tourists visited Georgia and the figures are expected to rise to 400,000."

Trade between Iran and Georgia last year stood at around $181 million, which indicates a 28 percent rise year-on-year.


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