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The Central Bank of Georgia has rejected reports that Tbilisi has closed down the accounts of Iranian nationals in the country, informed sources said.

Reports about the closure of Iranian accounts in Georgian banks are baseless, said the sources in Georgia.

No new restrictions are being placed on expatriates and nothing has changed, they added.

TBC Bank Group Plc, Georgia's largest retail bank, issued a statement on May 17 prohibiting Iranians from doing banking transactions without a valid residence card.

Recently, the president of the Georgia-Iran Chamber of Commerce and Industry confirmed this and said Tehran is in talks with its embassy in Georgia to handle complaints by Iranian nationals who have had their bank accounts in Georgia closed.

"We held talks with Iran’s embassy in Georgia and they promised to follow up on the issue and let us know about the results," Seyedeh Fatemeh Moghimi said on May 21.


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