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“Forming a corridor between Iran, Syria, and Iraq can help Tehran to create a reasonable balance in the field of international transportation and also we can use Syrian ports to send our goods to the south of Europe,” the Chairman of the Transportation and Logistics Commission of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce said.

Pointing to the Iranian minister of roads and urbanization’s trip to Syria, Seyed Ali Hosseini said that an agreement will be signed between Iran, Syria, and Iraq on the full reopening of Iran's land route to Syria via Iraq.

"If the minister of roads and urbanization convinces Syria to sign this tripartite agreement, it will have a positive effect on our economy,” he said.

The Iranian official insisted that creating this corridor is a win-win for both Iran and Syria and can save Damascus from the Economic stalemate and it will also expand Iran's trade with Syria.

Hosseini said that one Iranian ship heads to Syria per month but this isn’t enough and we need to invest in the land transportation; adding "If this agreement is implemented, other sectors could als profits from its economic benefits."



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