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Iran’s Oil Minister considering the price range of $ 80 to $ 90 to be the ideal price for oil, stressed that members of both OPEC and OPEC Plus have a consensus on this figure, which is a good price for both exporting and consuming countries.

"Regarding the recent agreement with Turkmenistan, a good agreement was signed with the Turkmen side in the field of export of technical and engineering services as well as products and crude oil, which hopefully will be implemented as soon as possible", he stressed.

In response to ILNA's question regarding the extension of the gas export contract to Turkey, he said: "The extension of the gas contract with Turkey is part of the agenda of the Ministry of Oil and the National Gas Company. Gas exports to this country will be completed in 2026. This week, experts from two groups, representing Butash Company and the National Gas Company are due to negotiate".

In response to another question from ILNA about gas exports to Oman, the Minister of Oil emphasized "Good decisions have been made regarding gas exports to Oman and negotiations have begun. We hope that gas exports to the LNG unit of the country will lead to a contract."

Referring to the President's upcoming visit to Russia, Oji said: "We have good achievements and good news. The Ministry of Oil is the head of the joint chamber of the two countries. We have good events on the agenda with Russia, which will be announced."


Javad Oji
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