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Head of Iran-Switzerland Joint Chamber of Commerce believes there is no bright economic future for the country without the JCPOA and joining the FATF.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Sharif Nezam Mafi said that if Iran reaches agreement on its nuclear program, the JCPOA, it will expect an economic boom ahead otherwise without it and joining the FATF, he cannot predict a bright future for the national economy for the next years.

He said through the JCPOA, the economic enterprises and especially the private sector can create jobs and expand investment and Iran’s economy can return to its good economic growth like in the post-JCPOA era.

On the outlook of Iran’s trade with Europe, he added that all traders, economic enterprises and producers are watching carefully the developments on the FATF and the JCPOA and any success will lead to economic boom.

Nezam Mafi went on to say that lifting sanctions of Mammut Industrial Group was an important event which has gone unnoticed in the media, adding that it indicated that those who work professionally in the private sector can be a barricade against the sanctions and the government can trust the private sector.

He reiterated that Iran’s economy should be strong enough to resist against and international developments, adding that some Republican candidate likely worse than Donald Trump may win in the 2024 U.S. Presidential election and takes a tougher stand against Iran and a strong economy can stand against it.

Nezam Sharif added that Iran’s economy and especially the private sector’s with the world should be in a way that continuation of the ties would be to the benefit of the involved companies. He reiterated all countries move in direction of their own national interests.


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