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The adviser on international affairs and trade agreements of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran called Eurasia as a path for Iran's export development and access to global markets.

Mirhadi Sayyeddi, Advisor on International Affairs and Trade Agreements of the Trade Promotion Organization of Iran, said "One of the benefits of trading with the Eurasian Economic Union member states is increasing share of exports and gaining access to global markets through these countries."

Sayyedi added: "After the signing of the preferential agreement, imports and exports between the Eurasian Economic Union member states and Iran have been facilitated."

Referring to the 80 million population of the Eurasian Economic Union in Iran's neighboring countries, the official said: "These countries, with more than $300 billion of imports, are major economic hubs that can be regarded as major markets for Iran's manufactured goods."

Statistics show that in the first quarter of the current year, Iran exported $258 million worth of goods to Eurasia and imported $347 million worth of commodities from these countries.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan are five members of the Eurasian Economic Union.


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