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The head of the Iran-Russia Trade Council stressed that the efforts to develop Russia’s free trade with Iran would continue.

“We are seeking to start free trade with Iran,” said Vladimir Obidenov, chairman of the Iran-Russia Trade Council.

“The goal of the members of the Eurasian Union and Iran for developing economic cooperation is to improve living conditions and increase welfare for both countries,” Obidenov said at a meeting held on the sidelines of the Eurasia Expo 2021 in Tehran.

“All 5 member states of the Eurasian Union are determined to cooperate with Iran and since the signing of the free trade agreement two years ago and despite the problems resulted by the pandemic, the regional co-operations have begun and it has been able to find its ways for boosting the trade,”Obidinov added.

He also announced 18 percent growth in trade exchange between Iran and Russia, adding that this shows the common understanding between the two sides for boosting economic cooperation.

Obidinov then urged EAEU members to resolve the remaining differences in this field and to put an end to it because tradesmen and people in these two countries have pinned great hopes on developing cooperation and they believe this route will lead to the economic growth of the countries.

He said of course he is well aware of the problems and officials of the countries are trying to resolve them through creating more capacity for the contact between businessmen of the other parties.

He admitted that the marine and ports’ capacities are not used properly and for the economic development, all capacities should be employed.

He also hailed Iran for hosting this event and said he is very glad that Iranian partners with good intention and active presence have entered the event and expressed hope he would see more of these actions from Iran in the future.

He noted that Russia tries as a developed country to launch a commercial house in order to boost positive pulses for increasing economic cooperation.

The Eurasia Expo 2021 in Iran kicked off on Friday, July 9, 2021, at the Tehran International Exhibition Center.


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