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A young start-up company creates the first bilingual Persian supermarket in North America.

Uniqop is an online Persian grocery store that has started to work in 2020; meanwhile, the Corona pandemic and has gained significant acclaim. Despite the substantial number of Iranian immigrants living in North America, there are not adequate Persian markets to supply the demand for Persian food or Persian food groceries. Uniqop is an online platform that offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality Persian groceries from different brands to serve the Persian community around North America. According to Iranians living in the region, shopping for Persian food groceries was a challenge before Uniqop because the available Persian markets were distant; or in some cases, their products did not cover all Persian food grocery types, which made the customers look for other markets.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Uniqop was very supportive of the Persian community when people shouldn't have traveled for shopping. Many obtain the opinion that Uniqop has gained its fame and success because of the pandemic. On the other hand, many others believe that Uniqop has received all its accomplishments based on its unique features, such as being the first online Persian grocery store, offering an exclusive logistic system in LA County, and presenting its platforms in Persian and English language. Turns out there are plenty of Iranians living in North America that had a demand for shopping platforms in the Persian language. Moreover, some customers believe that when Persian descriptions of a product are provided, they are more likely to purchase the correct product to cook Persian food.


Uniqop includes a warehouse located in LA (where has the most Iranian immigrants) and digital platforms such as a website and smartphone apps as the store. Customers can check out Uniqop's App via GooglePlay or AppStore. The critical fact about Uniqop's stores is that they are bilingual. In other words, customers can look for their products in the Persian language, too. It is a time-saver for many customers since they do not have to translate, and searching for products happens with some simple clicks. Moreover, all the products in the substantial, comprehensive collection have been categorized, making it more straightforward to search and find the products.

Uniqop offers to ship throughout North America. It also offers free same-day delivery in LA where has the most Iranian inhabitants in the country. Uniqop has provided an exclusive logistic system in LA County where customers can receive their orders via drones. Many consider the exclusive logistic service feature of the Uniqop as the most significant reason for its swift popularity.

Uniqop is the pioneer online Persian grocery store in North America, debuted in 2020 and has exploited the Coronavirus pandemic. Providing online platforms in Persian and English languages is the most exquisite reason for Uniqop's popularity among the Persian community. Offering exclusive logistic service with same-day delivery in LA, presenting a comprehensive collection of Persian food groceries, presenting Persian food recipes, offering robust and modern digital platforms, and having powerful technical support are some of the reasons that have made Uniqop one of the most successful startups in North America.


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