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Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce Majid Reza Hariri says anybody who talks about the future of China’s 25-year cooperation program with Iran just expresses his own opinion and it can be invalid and the only source whose opinion and news on this cooperation is valid and authentic is the center which has been launched in Iran and former Majlis Speaker Mr. Ali Larijani is in charge of it.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Hariri reacted to the remarks of one of Majlis lawmakers who claimed the China government delays implementing its 25-year cooperation program with Iran as the Chinese are waiting for the next government in Iran.

He added when one government is in its last days and a new government is to take office, it usually affects the international interactions but the comprehensive Sino-Iran 25-year cooperation program has been drawn up in a way that it is not dependent on the governments and for this reason, a long-term plan has been drawn up, and it means the relation between the Islamic Republic establishment and China.

“Therefore regarding these relations, it makes no difference whether Mr. Rouhani’s government to be in charge or the next government because it is not supposed the tastes of governments to be involved in this regard.”

Hariri added that it has been tried this program to be above the government or political fraction approaches, and since day one it has been decided the program to advance between the Islamic Republic establishment and China. He noted so for shaping this relation, in 2018 Mr. Larijani went to China as Iran’s representative, it means no government official has been chosen for this task and Mr. Larijani accompanied by seven government ministers conveyed Supreme Leader’s message to China.

The Iranian official stipulated that it means this program has nothing to do with governments and after that visit, the government officially announced that Mr. Larijani is in charge of managing negotiations between Iran and China for drawing up the comprehensive plan. He noted Mr. Larijani has no parliamentary or government job and he has been appointed in charge of this program as the representative of the establishment and currently, he is managing it and he is busy with his job in an office which has been allocated for it.

Hariri reiterated that some specialized workgroups are working on this program and it has nothing to do with the change of governments. He emphasized the necessity of univocal in negotiations and avoiding any distractive remarks. He reiterated that the only legitimate place whose news on this relation is authentic and is allowed to talk on is this center.

‘Anybody except this center who talks about this program is just expressing his personal opinion and it may be wrong,” he added

Hariri noted that any remark on this cooperation program is just for domestic consumption and inter-political front disputes and can have a negative impact on the negotiations.

“All of us are to have one voice and the voice is that both Supreme Leader has ordered and the government has approved it, so other voices and remarks may disrupt the trend of these talks,” he underlined.


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