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Spokesperson to Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) Ruhollah Latifi says Iran has exported hand-woven carpet worth $47.9m in the past eight months which shows only an $800m decline comparing to the same period last year.

Latifi in an interview said that exports of Gabbe (a variety of Persian carpet) and hand-woven carpets with soft hair and wool stood at $2.7m in the first eight months while the figure was around $4.1m last year.

He went on to say that exports of other types of hand-woven carpets were also as much as last year’s figure.

Latifi noted that the total value of hand-woven carpets exported by the country in the first eight months last year was around $48.6m while the figure declined to almost $755m and hit $47.9m in the same period.

He blamed the outbreak of COVID-19 and the closure of borders for the decline, adding that the decline seems to be logical.

He refuted some claims that Iran’s carpet exports have slumped significantly, saying that carpet is a commodity which is sold gradually and repatriation of the earned forex from the exports to the country takes a long procedure and for this reason, some assumptions have been raised over the considerable decline of Iran carpet exports but the IRICA’s statistics show no significant change in carpet exports.

In order to boost the carpet exports for earning more forex for the country, the government in its next year budget has allocated a budget around 15.5b tomans.


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