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A member of the Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce says trade between the two countries has increased from $1.7 billion last Iranian year to $2.2 billion this year, and the best way to deal with sanctions is to strengthen trade ties with the members of the Eurasian Union.

Speaking on Tuesday during a visit to the export of agricultural products in containers from the port of Astara to the Russian port of Astrakhan, Jalil Jalalifar said: "Among the Eurasian Union's members, Russia is important and given the infrastructure in the northern ports, especially in Astara, we have to do our best to develop business."

He noted: "Shipping trade compensates the restrictions of land trade, and exporters of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, and Ardabil provinces should use the capacity of the refrigerated container transmission line of Astara port to Russian ports."

"The Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce has formed a joint working group with the Republic of Dagestan and Special Economic Zone Lotus, Astrakhan, to boost maritime trade," said the member of the Iran-Russia Chamber of Commerce.

He said "Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Astrakhan, Russia, has launched a major sales network of Iranian goods, and sales agencies are active in the centers of Russian provinces, and exporters should take the opportunity."


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