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DotNek is an international software trademark, that is mainly active in European union.

DotNek is an international software trademark, that is mainly active in European union. DotNek company is experienced iOS and Android app development team with 20 years of development experience in custom software, mobile apps, and mobile games and web standard analysis. DotNek is also capable of developing custom software in almost every programming language and for every platform, using any type of technology, and for all kinds of business categories. It means world class developers for world class business applications.

Research and Activities

Beside DotNek’s research on internet solutions and website standards, the mentioned company was always concentrated on artificial intelligence specially for generating and understanding the human voices and activities. Now DotNek is one of the leaders in artificial intelligence in the field of human activity recognitions.

They are also very professional on bot programming. It means automation of human tasks. DotNek hopes in near future, they can do something special for hardware robots to serve services instead of humans in business world.

History of DotNek Formation

According to their website, DotNek had a long history in software development. In 2003, DotNek’s co-founders decided to form a software company in Asia. They finally created the branch called "Akan". After a short while, they started to do countless projects for large organizations and companies.

In 2016, they had their next European branch in Austria called "Akantor e.U." and was successful in different projects there too.

Then they decided to invest more, and they created a larger team as the main branch in Slovakia called DotNek, and currently, the company is registered as a technology and software brand, performing worldwide. European branch is now the mother company of all the previous branches. The team is more professional than ever, and their goal is to make every possible project more standard and more optimized.

Their current mission is developing cross-platform mobile apps for the store with a high-quality UI and backend.

Strength of The Team

One of the advantages of the DotNek team is having professional translators beside the company programmers and software technicians. It means, the team has a potential to develop multilingual software, website, and mobile apps in many different languages.

Beside the mentioned advantages above, they are one of the few companies in the world that can develop custom software in any programming language, like C#, VB, PHP, JAVA, C++, Delphi, Perl, Python, and etc.

DotNek Blog and Knowledgebase

DotNek IT Blog, also provides free information about software, app development, iOS, Android development, game development, web, SEO, and marketing.

There are some knowledgebases and programming tips and tricks on their social media.

With more than 20 different social media they are so active in field of programming on social media. So, there is a possibility to learn a lot from them by reading mentioned articles and contents.

DotNek’s Vision

DotNek is committed to making a world of standard and optimized software development. By providing the fluid flow of rules, they give business, industries the ability to make their web or software more standard.

They help make our world a better place and have more advanced technologies.




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